Anti Aging

Anti Aging Treatment

Do you ever wish there was a magic wand that could stop you from aging? We totally get that. None of us are big fans of wrinkles and fine lines on our skin.

However, it is a natural process and can’t be reversed, unless you opt for something like botox. So let’s discuss how you can age like fine wine and retain the youthfulness of your skin for a longer time. More importantly, what can you do to prevent premature aging?

What Are The Early Signs Of Aging?

The earliest signs of aging are fine lines and wrinkles. Fine lines can appear from as early as our 20s. In our 30s, the lines caused due to our facial expressions such as laugh lines or frown lines start to deepen. In our 40s, the skin starts to sag more and loses its tight and supple qualities.

Age spots also start to appear with photo aging. These are flat, brown spots mostly seen on the back of the hands, the face, arms and feet. Usually, they are more visible on lighter skinned people. dry skin, due to reduced production of natural oils, is also a sign of aging besides dull and itchy skin.

Skin Care Routine For Aging Skin

A cleansing, toning and moisturising routine is a must. Use sunscreen and anti aging creams to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. You can even opt for products with natural oils such as apricot oil to reduce wrinkles. Use an under-eye cream to get rid of fine lines and dark circles.

Anti Aging