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Who is a dermatologist?

Dermatology is a field of internal medicine that focuses on skin, hair, and nail health. Dermatologists are medical doctors with the most advanced training and skill in this profession, and they typically combine many activities such as seeing patients in public hospital clinics and/or private offices, teaching, advising other specialists, and conducting clinical and basic research. Dermatologists must be knowledgeable in pathology, microbiology, biochemistry, physics, endocrinology, and physiology, among other basic sciences. They must be knowledgeable in all other medical areas because skin illnesses are sometimes related to internal conditions.

When should you visit a dermatologist?

If you notice a mole that has uneven borders or is changing shape or size, you should see a dermatologist. Birthmarks, moles, and freckles are all pretty common. However, there is a real risk that they will change throughout time. The first indicator of skin cancer is usually a change in a mole or growth on the body that is itchy, bleeds, or doesn’t heal on its own.

If you’re losing more hair than usual or see a bald spot, you should see a dermatologist. While it’s usual to lose a few hairs here and there, a widening part, a growing bald area, or major shedding could indicate a more serious problem.

If you experience rough, scaly patches on your scalp, elbows, lower back, or knees, you should see a dermatologist. This is frequently psoriasis, an autoimmune disease in which the immune system sends messages to skin cells telling them to grow too quickly.

Itchy, dry skin is more than just a seasonal symptom for you.

If you have a painful, cystic pimple, which is caused by stress, hormone swings, and bacteria that are difficult to regulate, you should contact a doctor.

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