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Weight Loss

No Gym, No Running, No Workout losing weight is very easy

Fat Loss

Remove excessive fat from any part of the body very easily

Body Toning

Get perfect body shape with advance treatment with us

Body Shaping

We have expert staff for all your needs regarding body shaping

Fat Loss Treatment

It is very beautiful process to lose fat without any stress. We understand that change in body type will affect your daily life. Our expert staff come up with most advanced technology to remove excessive fat in the body. 

OFY Clinics plays an important role in this regard by providing the most comprehensive and medically advanced range of body contouring treatments available. The experienced dermatologists will combine treatments and create a plan based on the individual’s body type, level of fat accumulation, and body area.

We provide cryolipolysis, a non-invasive technology that uses extreme cold to destroy fat cells. It is a method that has been scientifically proven to reduce fat pockets. The cupped device is placed directly on the treatment area. It will transmit temperatures that are just low enough to freeze the fat cells and then destroy them. Muscle and skin in the targeted area will be unharmed because they freeze at a lower temperature than fat.

Customers reviews

Recently I visited OFY CLINICS Indore and got my hands on their Oxygeneo skincare Treatment. I can clearly see the wonders of it on my skin. It just perfectly made my skin glow from inside and made me look amazing. You all should definitely go for it. Thank you OFY Clinics Indore’s dermatologist for such amazing treatment!
Hello Everyone, I got myself a laser hair removal treatment done from OFY clinic Nagpur and I got good results without any side effects also I would like to say that the dermatologists in Nagpur branch and the staff were very generous and helpful.
It was a wonderful experience with a personal feel. Initially, when I contacted OFY Clinics I was completely worried, about whether it was going to work out well or not. But after a very quick assessment of my skin, they suggested me the best treatments and now I can go around anywhere with confidence and without makeup. Thank you to the whole team of OFY Surat.


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