Hair Care

Hair is the most important aspect of human body. Everyone is looking for strong and stylish hair. Pollution and dust are affecting hair on a regular basis thus hair care is really important. Lack of awareness regarding hair problems may leads to dandruff, hair loss or baldness. According to the survey it is seen that hair fall problem has increase 50% in youngsters and 40% in adults. There are several reasons of hair fall like stress, pollution, diet, etc.  Below are some points for hair care.

Hair Wash

Wash Hair Regularly– It is seen that people who washes hair on regular interval has stronger hair as compare to the one who doesn’t wash. Use good quality shampoo which suits the scalp. One must go for hair wash twice a week in order to reduce various hair problems. Every good habit brings right result and regular hair washing is one of them.

Condition Your Hair– Go for conditioner right after the shampoo  because it keeps them soft, healthy and moisturized. Deep conditioning gives hair fruitful result which they deserve.

Healthy Food

Take proper Diet– Understand that diet plays a crucial role in increase growth of the hair therefore one must take right diet. Take leafy vegetables with salad on daily basis. Go for fruits like mango, banana, oranges, grapes, etc which has vitamins and minerals. Drink juices which are full of nutrition’s which is needed for the growth of the hair. Plan a diet chart and follow it regularly in order to get effective result.

Oil Your Hair– Oiling hair is really essential as it improve scalp health depends on certain hair types. It makes body relax which ultimately result in good sleep. Oiling regularly improves blood circulation as well as protects them from damage. While taking massage from the oil it reduces all the stress and gives nourishment to the hair. Use right oil which has a key role in the growth of hairs.

Sleeping Girl

Take Enough Sleep– Daily 8 to 10 hours sleep is necessary for the body. Lack of sleep may result in hair loss and other hair problems. While sleeping our body is in the healing position thus it helps to reduce hair fall issues. Both physical and mental health are directly affected with the amount of sleep an individual takes.

Hair Before and After

Knowledge about our hair gives extra advantage over what will be next move for hair care. For smooth and silky hairs one can contact dermatologist who will provide right treatment. There are many Hair Clinic in Nagpur who are providing best hair treatment. One must follow these hair care tips strictly on regular basis to get effective results. Follow are some frequently asked questions

Is it okay to comb your hair in the shower?

Yes, it is okay to comb your hair in the shower as long as you are doing it after applying some conditioner to it.

What would happen if you brush your hair too much?

Brushing your hair too much can cause frizz and breakage.

Is it okay to wash your hair twice in one day?

No, you should avoid washing your hair twice in one day as it can dehydrate and damage your hair.

Is it better to comb or brush curly hair?

It is better to comb your curly hair as brushing it can ruin your curl pattern and make it frizzy.

Is it better to let your hair air dry?

Yes, it is better to let your hair air dry as the heat from the blow dryer can damage your hair.