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Location: Adarsh Nagar Colony, Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh 480001, India

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Hair Removal and Laser Machine

Skin Rejuvenation Diode 808 Laser Hair Removal Machine

Price- Rupees 2 Lakh/ unit

Advance Laser Hair Removal Machine

Price- Rupees 3 Lakh/ unit

Neo Emslim Rf Manufacture Ems Muscle Stimulator Building Body Slimming Machine

Price- Rupees 1 Lakh/ unit

Treatment parameter of HuafeiMedical E-Light & IPL

Price- Rupees 3 Lakh/ unit

Cromo System – Expressions International

Price- Rupees 1 Lakh/ unit

MD360 Life HYCOOX Auto Injector

Price- Rupees 5 Lakh/ unit


Neogen Plasma treatment

Price- Rupees 3.5 Lakh/ unit

Agnes RF Microneedling

Price- Rupees 2 Lakh/ unit

About Us

OFY is a body beautification clinic equipped with the state of the art technology and experts that execute the best body shaping, enhancing, and beautifying services. It was founded in 2019 and has served thousands of clients throughout the country since then. OFY has the best infrastructure in regards to medico-aesthetic body beautification services. 

OFY can handle and execute the most complex medical beautification procedures with the utmost ease because of our plethora of experts and their teams. Our ever-growing area of expertise in the said segment is supported by our ever-going research and learning about advanced medical procedures to serve our clients with the best technology available in the world. 

Acne Treatment

Wrinkle Treatment

Melasma Treatment

Hair Treatment

Hair Loss Treatment

Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Weight Loss Treatment

Fat Loss Treatment

Obesity Treatment