Skin Care

Skin is amongst the most important part of human body which nature has provided. We are living in a world where bacteria, virus and diseases are affecting day to day life. Radiation and harmful rays not only affect eyes but also skin. There is a need to take give special attention to skin so that one can live healthy life.

Drink Water

Human body is made up of 70% of water so one must drink enough water. There are fewer chances for people who drink access amount of water can cause any skin diseases. When we drink enough water our body flushes out toxins and give us healthier skin. Soups, coconut water, buttermilk, oranges, cucumber are food with good source of water. There are thousands of benefits of drinking water for our skin.

Green Tea

Green Tea-

Green tea is very useful for skin as it contain antioxidant. It contains vitamin E which contains the ability to nourish and hydrate our skin. Most people avoid green tea due to its taste but they miss thousands of useful vitamin and minerals. We face dirt and pollution everyday as a result of which our skin get dull. Green tea is the ultimate source of anti-inflammatory properties which heals our skin and increase glow.

Avoid Stress

Everybody is busy in day to day hectic life whether it is student or parents everyone is facing stress. When we feel stress, our nervous system releases stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. These hormones create a major impact on our skin which may result in itching, rashes and other problems. Stay happy and learn new things as it helpful to reduce stress. One must travel different place and meet new people as it assist to boost confidence. Daily practicing yoga and meditation play a crucial role in reducing stress level. There are many clinics for skin care treatment which assist to glow your skin and reduce stress.

Healthy Food

Take Healthy Diet

Our daily intake of fiber, minerals, protein and vitamin decides how our skin will look. A good diet is essential for a healthy skin. Take fresh vegetable, fruits, milk and other stuff which are enrich in vitamin and minerals. Soup and juices bring refreshment as well as increase productivity of a person. Butter and other milk products possess calcium which is very useful for bones. Create a diet chart for 30 days and follow it strictly on regular basis.

sleeping girl

Get at least 8 hour sleep

One must take 8 to 10 hours sleep on daily basis. Lack of sleep cause many skin diseases. Our skin repair itself while we sleep thus one must take proper sleep. Don’t keep television near bed and use mobile phone late night as it affect sleep. When our body gets enough sleep we feel refresh and bring more productive in work. Notice that when we are sick our body needs medicine and sleep to heal itself. A proper sleep requires right bed so our bed should be good and well managed.

Avoid Smoking & Alcoholic Habits

Most people who have smoking and alcoholic habit face several health and skin issues. Deeper wrinkles, premature aging and other skin issues can be easily seen in these people. Taking these bad habits at the worst level can result in skin cancer. One must join addiction centers and wellness centers to get successful results. While going out for a party or any event avoid alcohol rather than take refreshing drinks. Smoking and Alcoholic habit are not only harmful for skin but also for the entire body.