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Weight loss is amongst the problem which can be found in all age group where people love to eat junk food and fast food. Bad eating habits have negative impact on daily life. Apart from food there are many things which increase weight like stress, lack of sleep and more. Weight loss is easy when one follow right strategy consistently. It is better to lose weight slowly rather than a quick weight loss.

Healthy Food

Diet– Eat green leafy vegetables like spinach, cabbage, mustard greens, Fenugreek which has high nutritious value also go for salad like cucumber, carrot, sprouts, etc. Take fruits like watermelon which provide water intent to the body. Apple, banana, oranges and grapes increases energy level in the body. Start breakfast with oats and corn flakes which are healthy. Boiled vegetable also assist to burn excessive fat. With fasting one can easily detoxify body which ultimately results in weight loss.

Running Women

Exercise– Burning fat is easy when one go for exercise like yoga, swimming, gym, cycling, running, dancing, etc. Daily 1 hour exercise makes individual fit and gives energy all day long. Yoga is by far the best exercise which gives physical as well as mental health. Our body is made to do physical activities so one must focus on physical activities. Participate in games like badminton, football where it will not only increase stamina but also reduce weight.


Drink– Healthy juices like pineapple juice, mango juice, etc gives refreshment. For instant energy, go for coconut water which contains several nutrients and antioxidant properties. Take milk every day which make bones stronger whereas regular use of milk product will increase individual’s strength. Drinking soups reduce fat cells in human body as there are different soups like tomato soup, spinach soup, corn soup, mix vegetable soup and more. Drinking boiled water with lemon in the morning on regular basis will help to reduce weight.

Sleeping Girl

Sleep– 7 to 8 hours sleep is required for human body it may be less or high depend on individual. Less sleep will have effect on weight loss process. Lack of sleep has direct impact on diet and exercise which is perform daily. Study also shows that limited sleep might increase risk of weight gain and obesity. As a part of healthy lifestyle sleep is consider a essential element.

Use Smaller Plates– While taking food on the plate most people try to fill their plate and take extra. In small plates less quantity of food is taken thus body get limited food. It is better to feed stomach with less and nutritious food rather than excess food. Using smaller plates will not only reduce food on the plate but also gives perception that one has eaten more.

Green Tea

Green Tea– Green tea is one of the secret weapons when it comes to weight loss journey. It helps to boost metabolism and reduce belly fat. Start the day with cup of green tea and begin to lose weight. It is the healthiest alternative for all tea lovers. Green tea has anti oxidant and anti obesity properties which reduces fat quickly. There are several benefit of taking green tea on a regular basis.

Weight loss journey is very interesting with proper planning and consistency. Targeting on different body parts with right exercise is quite beneficial. If one has burning desire to lose weight whatever problem will come he will surely achieve the taste of success. There are different strategies for weight loss but the end goal must be clear and has pre plan before taking any step.  One can also go for personal trainer which will give extra boost up in weight loss.

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