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OFY is a body beautification clinic equipped with the state of the art technology and experts that execute the best body shaping, enhancing, and beautifying services. It was founded in 2019 and has served thousands of clients throughout the country since then. OFY has the best infrastructure in regards to medico-aesthetic body beautification services. 


OFY can handle and execute the most complex medical beautification procedures with the utmost ease because of our plethora of experts and their teams. Our ever-growing area of expertise in the said segment is supported by our ever-going research and learning about advanced medical procedures to serve our clients with the best technology available in the world. 


OFY is one of the most dynamic clinics in the country in terms of ease of clients, services, and success rates of our procedures. We boast one of the highest success rates in the country. We believe in striving for advancement in beautification procedures, which is why our experts keep a close eye on medical and aesthetic developments worldwide. Plus, we are always keen on acquiring the best technology that the world offers so that our clients get the best version of themselves.

Modern Technology

Our clinic's technology is medically approved and 100% safe, allowing you to receive the treatment you seek. We used modern and up to-date technology approved by (name)

Affordable Prices

Treatments at OFY are tailor made as per your needs. With this, we assure our clients of the prices being just as fair and affordable.


OFY experts have treated patients from all over the country and specialise in treating patients based on their unique needs. Our doctors have a wealth of knowledge and experience, which is reassuring.

Why Choose Us?

We at OFY ensure to create a customised treatment map for each individual.

An amalgamation of the best practises from the medical and beauty industry makes the treatments at OFY extremely reliable and outstanding. Our unified service is best suited for all types of skin, hair and weight management challenges. This flexible approach helps the specialists at OFY treat every individual under personalised guidance. OFY is the most well-curated medico-aesthetic clinic which you should choose for your overall well being.


Succesful Surgery

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Diagnosis accuracy

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Meet Our Qualified Doctors

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Shreya Pearce

Aesthetic Surgery

Sophie Hodges

CEO Quinnie

Eren Steadman

Aesthetic Surgery

Awards And Recognitions

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Our Motive

Our motive at OFY is to create an aesthetic for the beauty and medical industry. We at OFY want to revolutionise the idea of looking youthful and feeling celebrated!

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