Cryolipolysis Treatment

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Cryolipolysis Treatment

At OFY, we provide cryolipolysis, a non-invasive technology that uses extreme cold to destroy fat cells. It is a method that has been scientifically proven to reduce fat pockets. The cupped device is placed directly on the treatment area. It will transmit temperatures that are just low enough to freeze the fat cells and then destroy them. Muscle and skin in the targeted area will be unharmed because they freeze at a lower temperature than fat.

How do experts take on this procedure?

The applicator is kept on the skin during this procedure, and the skin’s subcutaneous fat layer is squeezed right into the machine due to the vacuum effect. The skin’s fat cells will be directly exposed to the extremely low temperatures, resulting in permanent destruction. Which is then excreted from the body in the most natural way possible.

Client Testimonials

Good service and staffs concerns resolved, Cheers to Team Ofy Indore Very happy with OFY feels like home, highly recommend for skin hair also weight management

Ayushi lade

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